Dan Parry, Forensics Director, Adeptio Solutions

Forensics Director

Dan Parry is the director of forensic operations and brings over 15 years experience in investigating high tech crimes, recovering data and helping organisations defend against crime, cybercrime and terrorism.

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EnCase Certified Examiners

World Class

We use world class tools to deliver our services and all our examiners are fully certified in their use. Our experience allows us to drive maximum value from the environment, ensuring that your needs are fully met.

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Legally Sound Evidential Collections


Our forensics specialists are experienced in both collecting evidence to an admissible standard and defending our work in court. By engaging our services you will know you have full support at every stage up to and including legal action.

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Digital Forensics. Supporting your business when the worst happens.

Accidents happen and critical data can be accidentally deleted. Even if your business is unusual enough to actually have a good back up regime, its likely you will occasionally lose critical data. Our forensics team can use specialist tools to maximise the chances that your vital data is recoverted..

Using digital forensics to recover data and keep your business resilient.

Digital Forensics. Collecting facts, gathering evidence.

Your workforce are critical to your business, but sometimes things go wrong. If you are need to know exactly what people have done on your network or if you need to defend yourself against false accusations, you can call upon our forensic investigation team. Our experts will turn every stone and uncover every fact you need to establish exactly what happened, when, and how.

Digital Forensics allows you to gather evidence when you need it.

Digital Forensics. Supporting security incident response.

The news is full of reports of companies being hacked, data being stolen and ransomware destroying systems. No matter how good your security is something will inevitably fail and you need to respond to the incident quickly. Our forensic capability can rapidly deploy to help you regain control of your IT, discover how they got in, exactly what they did and how you can prevent it happening in the future.

Digital Forensics Support to Incident Response - Detect, contain and prevent hackers.

About Adeptio Solutions

Adeptio Solutions was founded in 2013 to provide high quality forensics support to organisations and assist them with developing their own capabilities, recovering lost data and resisting the growing waves of cybercrime. Since opening, we have worked with a wide range of businesses from global retailers, multinational manufacturing companies, national digital brands through to small businesses and home users.

Our digital forensics team is headed up by Dan Parry who has built his investigative experience as a police officer. Dan moved into the High Tech crime unit where he spent 10 years using his knowledge and experience of mobile phones, computers, networks and GPS devices to support a wide range of investigations. In several cases, Dan was able to establish the critical evidence which resulted in a sound conviction or completely exonerate a suspect. In 2013 Dan moved from the Police into the private sector with an initial task to assist a truly global organisation in setting up a forensic incident response service. Following on from this, Dan has delivered success after success in both conducting forensics for organisations as well as assisting in the establishment of internal capabilities.

Adeption Solutions is now a full service forensics company. We can help you recover lost data, we can help you investigate misconduct and defend against false allegations. We can help you contain security incidents and investigate attacks. We can help you set up your own internal services and help you validate the services provided by others.

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